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Pressure control check valves can be found in every pneumatic and hydraulic system. They assist in a variety of functions, from maintaining system pressure below desired limits, to maintaining set pressure levels in partial circuits. Different types of pressure control check valves include relief valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, balance valves, safety valves and unloading valves.


Pressure Relief Valve: Limits the maximum pressure in the system by diverting excess gas when the pressure is too high.

Sequence Valves: Sequence valves are normally closed two-way valves that regulate the order in which various functions in the circuit occur.

Pressure Reducing Valve: A pressure relief valve is usually a two-way valve that opens and closes when sufficient downstream pressure is applied.

Balance valve: To balance weight, used to maintain set pressure in one part of the circuit.

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How do hydraulic check valves work?
Check valves can be used as directional or pressure control in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic check valves have two ports, an inlet port and an outlet port, and they are flow sensitive and rely on fluid to open and close the internal valve seat. Hydraulic check valves are unique in that they are one of the only valve types that do not require any human intervention to operate. Hydraulic check valves are fully automatic.

What are the most common applications of check valves in hydraulic systems?
Connect to the system pump, one port of the cylinder, and the system line to the reservoir.

Where should the check valve be installed?
Check valves can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipes with flow upwards.

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