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Electromagnetic Ball Valve

Solenoid Ball Valve

Solenoid ball valve, also known as electromagnetic ball valve, is an electromagnetic reversing valve that uses the thrust of the electromagnet as the driving force to push the steel ball to realize the on-off of the oil circuit.

The solenoid ball valve controls the start, stop and direction of a flow. They basically consist of a housing (1)the solenoids (2) the hardened valve system (3) and the ball(s) (4) as the closing element.


Basic principle:

In the initial position the ball is pressed onto the seat by the spring, and in the switched position by the solenoid.The solenoid force acts via the lever and the ball on the actuator pin,which is sealed on two sides.The chamber between the two sealing ele-ments is connected with port P. The valve system is thereby pressure balanced with regard to the actuating forces (sole-noid or return spring).The valves can, therefore, be used up to a pressure of 63 MPa.


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What is the working principle of solenoid ball valve?
Solenoid valves are control units that close or allow fluid flow when energized or de-energized. The actuator takes the form of an electromagnet. When energized, a magnetic field is created that pulls the plunger or pivot armature against the action of the spring.


What is a solenoid ball valve used for?
Solenoid ball valves are used where fluid flow must be automatically controlled. They are used in various types of plants and equipment


The solenoid ball valves have a "negative switching overlap". Therefore,portT must always be connected. This means that during the switching procedure from the start of opening one valve seat to the closing of the other seat - all of the ports P-A-T are connected with each other. This, however, takes place in such a short space of time that in most applications it is irrelevant.

The hand override makes it possible to switch the valve without energizing the solenoids.

Care has to be taken to ensure that the stated maximum flows are not exceeded! If necessary a cartridge throttle for flow limitation has to be fitted.

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