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  • Tubular Check Valve

Tubular Check Valve

Brand: Huade Hydraulic
Model: S10A
Certificate: ISO9001-2008
Origin: China

Product Description

Tubular Check Valve

Product name: Straight check valve S6A, S8A, S10A, S15A, S20A, S25A, S30A

The check valve type S from Huade has the task of, preferably closing a flow leakfree in one direction and to permit free flow in the opposite direction.The stroke of the poppet, which is guided on its outside diameter,is limited by a mechanical stop. The built-in compression spring supports the closing movement. Furthermore the compression spring holds the poppet in the closed position even when there is no flow through the valve. If you are looking for wholesale tubular check valve with factory supply price, welcome to conatct us!


Product attributes

Brand: Huade Hydraulic

Model: S10A

Certificate: ISO9001-2008

Origin: China


Custom attributes

The function of the S-type check valve is to only allow oil to flow freely from one direction, but to allow reverse flow. It is mainly used at the outlet of the pump as a back pressure valve and a bypass valve.


Tubular Check Valve Features:

- For threaded connection (screw-in connection)
- Subplate mounting
- Leakage-free closure in one direction
- Various cracking pressures,optional (see ordering details)


Transaction information

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Price: RMB 80

Payment method: T/T, Paypal, Western Union

Supply Ability: Annual output of 1,000,000

Delivery time: 10-15 days

Conventional packing: export packing


Product description

Tubular Check ValveTubular Check ValveTubular Check Valve

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