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What is a proportional control valve?

A proportional control valve is a valve used to control fluid flow by changing the size of the flow passage through a restrictor. Allows fluid flow through the valve to be freely adjusted from fully closed to fully open. Devices such as flow meters, thermistors, or pressure sensors are often used to provide the necessary feedback to determine the power input to the solenoid to achieve the desired output.

Huade proportional valve for water provides variable output flow control from the corresponding input current to their solenoid valve. The compact design is an excellent complement to any equipment and offers the economical advantages of extreme flexibility, precise flow control and cycle repeatability. If you are looking for high quality hydraulic valves and proportional solenoid valve for sale, welcome to contact us!


Applications of  proportional valve for water:

Flow Control: Proportional control valves can be used directly for flow control.

Burner/Flame Control: The ratio of combustion gas to oxidant gas (such as air or oxygen) is controlled in the burner control system.

Hot and cold water mixing: The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the mixed water. And bring this temperature to a given reference value by controlling two solenoid control valves.

Temperature Control: A proportional valve for water can set the cold water supply to the heat exchanger based on the measured process water temperature. If higher than the reference, more cold water is required, and lower than the reference, less cooling is required.

Actuator Control: Two proportional solenoid valves can control pneumatically actuated air (piston valve, cylinder, etc.). The controller determines which of the two valves must open.

Injector/Pressure Control: Solenoid control valve can control the flow rate of propellant gas. The controller sets the valve according to the vacuum pressure.

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