Two Way Flow Control Valve

Two Way Flow Control Valve

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Two Way Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves are 2-way flow control valves.They are used to maintain a flow constant independently of pressure and temperature.

The valves basically consist of the housing (1), orifice bushing(3), pressure compensator(4) with optional strokelimiter,check valve(5), adjustment element(2).
The flow from channel A to channel B is throttle at the orifice (6).In order to maintain the flow across the orificeconstant, a pressure compensator is connected upstream of the orifice (6).

The flow is maintained largely independent of temperature due to the orifice design. Free return flow from channel B to channel A is directed viathe check valve (5).The flow is only controlled from A to B. In order to control the flows in both directions a rectifiersandwich plate type Z4s can be installed below the flow control valve.


Two way flow control valve features:

Porting pattern to DIN24 340,from A,ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121H
- Pressure compensator stroke limiter, optional
- Mechanical operation
- Start-up jump reduction
- Flow control in both directions using a rectifier sandwich plate


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How does a two way flow control valve work? 

While there are different types of flow controllers, they all work based on a simple basic principle. The smaller the hole or orifice in the pipe, the lower the air velocity at a given pressure (or more precisely the pressure difference across the orifice).

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